Most cars today come with a security system, and because of that most people think that they are protected.  Unfortunately that is not the case, most thefts from what is called "Smash and Grab", where a thief will smash in a window and grab whatever is in site. Factory alarms are generally only tied to door pins, so the thief has to actually open your door before the horn will sound.

Audiofiles has some of the best vehicle security products for securing your vehicle. From rolling up the windows and opening the trunk, to remote starting your vehicle in the comfort of your home. Come see us today to  learn more about keeping your property safe.

On the Road

​The average american will spend 47,465 hours of their life in a car, it shouldn't have to suck.  We have some of the highest quality and most affordable car audio products on the market today.  On top of that our installers are some of the most experienced in the entire Willamette valley. So whether you just need a inexpensive deck installed, or custom fabrication, we can get it done, and you can trust that it will be done right.

To see a list of our products or services check out our "Products and Services" page.

Car Audio

On the Water 

​Here in Oregon we love our water sports, and there is nothing like listening to your favorite music while on the river, lake or even the ocean.   If you are in need of more volume from the wake board tower, or just wanting to listen to your favorite playlists while fishing, Audiofiles has you covered. 

We can also install IPod docks and speakers on your personal water craft, so come see us today, and speak with one of our audio specialists about how we can make your experience on the water more enjoyable.